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September 17, 2019

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Skipper Ingham biographic information

1930 Born February 18, Paget Bermuda

1945 First martial art boxing, Bermuda

1947 Moved to New York

1950-3 Served in U. S. Army, boxer

1955-67 Merchant seaman U S. merchant marine.
Studied karate in the Manila, Philippines with Latino Gonzalez
Studied karate in Kobe, Japan
Studied karate with principal teacher, Peter Urban, New York
Studied and trained with Chuck Merriman and Frank Ruiz, New York

1967-9 Bouncer and karate performer at "the Scene" run by Steve Paul in New York

1969 Auxiliary policeman, New York: citation

1970 Returned to Bermuda, founded Bermuda Karate Institute

1972 Promoted first karate tournament in Bermuda

1973 Organized the first Bermuda Karate Federation aimed at international competition and recognized by Government, promoted first public demonstration of self-defense in Bermuda

1974 Presented first kung-fu/wu-shu exhibition in Bermuda with students of Alan Lee

1975 Headed first Bermuda team in competition abroad - S. HenryCho's tournament, headed first Bermuda team in WUKO (now WKF)

1976 Promoted first international team competition in Bermuda

1980 Entered and won his first open kata competition at the Battle of the Zodiac in Jamaica, New York

1983 Promoted the first Bermuda Open Karate Championships (to be celebrated for the 32nd time in 2014), which has attracted competitors from the U S . Canada, England, Germany Austria and Argentina

1985-8 Promoted the BIG (Bermuda International Grandchampionships), the first international professional karate competition in Bermuda which was voted into the PKL (Professional Karate League) Hall of Fame as the best tournament in North America in 1988; the years of BIG provided a substantial economic benefit to Bermuda through the estimated 250 people who came to the island each year for the event, some of whom became repeat visitors

1987 Served as Assistant Coach of the Atlantic Karate Team, with Assistant Coach Tokey Hill a former WUKO world champion, and Head Coach Chuck Merriman who coached the U S. team to several gold and silver medals in WUKO competition

1988-90 Continued as Assistant Coach of the Trans World Oil Karate Team, which grew from the Atlantic Karate Team, composed of top martial arts champions from the U S and Canada, achieving an outstanding unbeaten team and individual record throughout their competitive history

1988 Ranked sixth in senior kata by PKL on the North American open circuit - the only Bermudian ever to achieve a rating; first and only Bermudian featured on the cover of an international martial arts magazine September "BLACK BELT" Skipper has also been written up in martial arts magazines in Italy, Malaysia and India.

1989 Division winner and grandchampion runner-up at LAMA Nationals in Chicago beating among others Kevin Thompson, 3 times triple world champion In WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations)

1991 Coached first Bermuda team in WAKO competition in London in October, including first Bermudian to win a medal in international martial arts competition - David Simons bronze soft forms; placed fifth in hard weapons in open kata division

1992 Coached first Bermuda team in World Karate Organization (WKO - formerly WKF in Mestre, Italy winning gold medal for senior kata - as a result of this performance 20 English and 2 Argentine competitors attended the 11th Bermuda Open Karate Championships the following year

1993 First place in senior kata division (for 9th and 10th dans only) at Gotay's All Goju Invitational in New York.

April 1994 Second in senior forms at the Battle of Boston a performance which was highlighted in "SPORT KARATE" magazine; also first place of 15 masters in the senior kata division of Al Gotay's All Golu Invitational In New York

May 1994Received Queen's Certificate and Badge of Honor in the Queen's Birthday List for his contributions to martial arts in Bermuda, first Bermudian martial artist to receive this distinction; he sent an honorary black belt to Queen Elizabeth on this occasion

October 1994 Coached the first Bermuda team to include a gold medal winner in sparring in international competition, Gladwin "Roots" Phillips in men's traditional sparring under 66 kg at the 2nd WKO World Championships in Buenos Aires Argentina. also in October won a gold medal in senior forms at the Goodwill Tournament of the Miyagi Chojun Festival in Niantic, Connecticut, and received an award from the organizing committee recognizing him as the founder of karate in Bermuda and for his international achievements

1995 June Won first place in over-35 kata at the Nisei Goju Open in New York, went on to win kata grandchampionship, beating under-35 winners in Okinawan/Japanese, Goju, Tae Kwon Do and Jiu-jitsu divisions September inducted into Hall of Fame of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida November Placed first in grandmasters (over 45) kata at Welch's All Okinawan/Japanese Traditional Karate Tournament in Washington, D. C.

May 1996 Won first place in over-35 kata at Canadian Karate Organization Open Championships in Hamilton, Ontario, where son Zenji took gold in men's kata and bronze in weapons

1996 Featured in Ron Van Clief's book "The Black Heroes of the Martial Arts" and cover article in "Traditional Karate" magazine

May 1997 Won first place in senior masters kata at the House of the Samurai Invitational in Londonderry, New Hampshire, with Kent Simmons in second

November 1997 Promoted 2nd World Karate Organization Panamerican Karate Championships, bringing to Bermuda teams from Algeria, Brazil, Canada, and USA

September 1998 First in over 50 kata at Battle of Boston

February 1999 Headed Bermuda Karate Organization Team at WKO event in Curitiba, Brazil with 11 golds; senior forms grandchampion; junior BKO team member Talia Iris triple gold; featured in "The Bermudian" on the occasion of his 70th birthday

May 1999 First masters kata House of Samurai Londonderry, New Hampshire

September 1999 First over 50 forms and third over 40 weapons Battle of Boston

May 2000 Second masters forms Ocean State Grand Nationals, Providence, Rhode Island

January 2001 Winner mens' forms over 40 John Chung's World Cup Finals, Washington, DC

July 2001 Headed BKI delegation attending Miyazato Eiichi memorial seminar and demonstration, Okinawa, Japan

September 2001 Second masters forms Battle of Atlanta

January 2002 Winner men's forms over 40 John Chung's World Cup finals, Washington, DC

April 2002 Runnerup men's forms over 50 Don Rodrigues' Ocean State Grandnationals, Providence, Rhode Island

2003 April third over 50 forms Ocean State Grand Nationals, June fourth over 50 forms Bluegrass Nationals August headed Bermuda delegation at Okinawa Karate & Kobudo World Tournament/Seminar and Jundokan Dojo 50th Anniversary

2004 January first over 50 forms and forms grandchampion John Chung's World Cup Martial Arts Organization Finals

2004 August tested to seventh dan in Okinawa by committee of Okinawa Gojuryu Karatedo Kyokai under Iha Koshin; Kristina Ingham graded to fifth dan

2005 January first over 40 forms John Chung's World Cup Martial Arts Organization Finals

2006 April received lifetime achievement award from USA Goju as one of Grandmaster Peter Urban's early students

2007 January Skipper and Kristina received John Chung's World Cup Martial Arts Final Championship (WCMAOFC) "Promoters of the Year" award for the 2006 Bermuda Open Karate Championships; at the same event Skipper placed third in a field of nine for men's over 40 forms

2007 April First place senior forms at Gary Alexander's IAMA, one of the longest running competitions in the USA

2007 September Inducted into Bermuda Sports Hall of Fame

2008 March Participated in European Gasshuku of Okinawa Goju-ryu Kyokai (OGKK) in Murcia, Spain

2008 April Repeated his first place in senior forms and Gary Alexander's IAMA

2009 April Placed second among men 5th dan and above at Al Gotay's World Goju Karate Championships in New Rochelle, New York, after tying for first; repeated a first place finish at Gary Alexander's 47th IAMA Championships in Piscataway, New Jersey

2009 August Participated in Okinawa Traditional Karate World Tournament and OGKK 40th anniversary gasshuku, as well as training with HIchiya Yoshio

2009 November Placed third at Rick Diaz' Karate Tournament of Champions in Queens, New York, after a three way tie for first

2010 January Placed second at John Chung's WCMAOFC in Reston, Virginia

2010 April First in men's forms over 35 (fourth consecutive year) and forms grandchampion at Gary Alexander's 47th IAMA tournament, Piscataway, New Jersey

2010 October Placed second in men's kata 5th dan and above at Don Warrener's WKO Worlds in Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Skipper has been interested and active in some form of martial art for over 60 years and maintains an active schedule of training and teaching in karate and iaido. He also incorporates weight training into his personal workout program and is an advocate of weight training for martial artists. From 1988 to 1990 he was active in seniors kata on the open circuit in North America, placing in the top four at a number of prestigious tournaments. One of his best performances was in October 1989 at the LAMA Nationals in Chicago, where he placed first in that category and was runner-up to grandchampion Hosung Pak for overall kata grandchampion. Hosung later did the martial arts part for "Raphael" in Ninja Turtles lI. Skipper had arthoscopic repairs to his knee in September 1990 and had to halt most of his competitive activity, but made an excellent recovery with conscientious application of physiotherapy.

From 1988 Skipper has maintained a membership for Bermuda in WAKO and since 1990 also in WKO (previously WKF and IPKF). To promote Bermuda's participation in the competitions of these two organizations he formed a Bermuda charity (WAKO/WKO BERMUDA), which was provisionally recognized from January 1992 to January 1994 and then received indefinite nonprofit status. Under its new new (Bermuda Karate Organization, BKO) the charity's aim is to develop local athletes in the martial arts to the level of international competitiveness, to encourage local martial arts competitions and to financially assist Bermudian martial artists to represent Bermuda abroad. Skipper as coach of the combined team, has maintained a team training schedule for the WKO and WAKO events since 1990. Bermuda's entry at the World Championships in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 1996 marked the seventh time he had taken a Bermuda team to a world championship.

In the years since the opening of Bermuda Karate Institute, Skipper has taught hundreds of people, possibly over 1000, the basics of karate technique and the karate philosophy of life. Many of his students have achieved black belt rank or higher. Several including his wife Kristina, his son Zenji, Gladwin 'Roots' Phillips and Geoffrey Rothwell have reached instructor level under his direction. Skipper's activities in competing abroad, fostering local and international participation and promoting Bermuda through the martial arts have generated millions of dollars of revenue for Bermuda, with the BIG years stimulating at least two million dollars.

Skipper likes to encapsulate his philosophy of the karate life and training in the following favorite quote from his instructor, Peter Urban:

"Strength comes from health, speed comes from effort, technique comes from experience, will power comes from faith, serenity comes from old knowledge, progress comes from new knowledge - today is now!"
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